Cleveland Hopkins International

project summary:

These projects provide a proven track record of ADCI’s performance for on-call airport improvement programs for an Airport sponsor who operates a system both at a major air carrier and a reliever airport.  It demonstrates ADCI’s flexibility in providing airport planning services for a variety of small task assignments while making sure that they all fit together in a cohesive long term plan. This current experience makes ADCI a perfect partner to provide valuable contributions for possible airport Master Planning or other services under this contract requiring ADCI’s engineering support to ensure the feasibility of planning level improvements.

ADCI has provided subconsultant services under multiple Airport Planning and General Engineering Design Services contracts for the Cleveland Airport System. Individual assignments include a wide variety of projects covering the full range of airport planning and design for airfield, terminal, and landside facilities. These assignments have included significant engineering support efforts to Landrum & Brown for development of Airport Master Plans for both Airports.  To date, ADCI’s assignments under this contract include:


quick stats:


  1. Comprehensive Taxiway system analysis to optimize runway occupancy time and  minimize potential for runway incursions. (CLE)
  2. Analysis of short and long term ARFF Program Needs (CLE)
  3. Shadow Analysis for new Air Traffic Control Tower (CLE)
  4. Taxiway Q Hold Apron (CLE)
    • Master Plan Update (CLE and BKL)
  5. Feasibility Study to Relocate Northwest Airlines (CLE)
    • RSA Improvements (BKL)
    • Airspace and TERPS analysis for improved approach minimums (BKL)



  1. Off-site Shuttle Bus Pick Up Area (CLE)
  2. Aviation High School Land Release Documentation (BKL)
  3. South Airfield Access Planning (CLE)



  1. International Gate Shuttle Bus Operation